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Happy Summer Break!
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How to access google slides, google docs, and google sheets if I have no internet connection?
Open Chromebook. 
When you get the message that says NETWORK NOT AVAILABLE click SIGN IN AS AN EXISTING USER. 
Once your chromebook loads, click google icon (bottom of your screen), In the internet search bar type, in the search bar of google drive type name of assignment you are looking for. You can work on offline files if they are “lit up”, if they are not “lit up” then you need to let your teacher know that you need to access it offline. Any document that you update will save to your device and once you return to Wifi it will update.

***Currently you can only access Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Sheets while not connected to the internet***

How to access items that I have downloaded to my chromebook if I have no internet connection?
Login with the same steps as above (But do NOT open chrome tab on the bottom).
Click the white circle on the left side of the screen.
In the white search box type FILES, then click the white folder with the blue circle around it.
Click My Files, then click Downloads. Any files that you have downloaded when you had wifi to your device should be available here. If it is not there, then it did not download.