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Flintville School


Membership cost: $5 per person per year.


The Flintville Parent Teacher Organization was created in August 2012.  It was created so that the parents and teachers could come together to help the children that attend Flintville Elementary School reach their ultimate potential.  Over the years, the Flintville PTO has completed many projects that have helped to benefit the school and the kids.

Some of the completed and continuing projects are listed below:


  • Put in a concrete crosswalk connecting the parking lot across the road with the front of the school
  • Put in a concrete walkway to assist the CDC children with easy access to the playground
  • Took over the Jr. Pro Basketball program
  • Established the Annual Flintville's Got Talent Show
  • Assisted in buying materials to help start up the greenhouse which offers hands on learning for our kids
  • Partnered with the school to half the purchase of the Accelerated Reading program for our kids
  • Bought balls and equipment for each grade to have while at recess
  • Provide a meal for the Teacher/Support Staff Appreciation Day
  • Assist in purchasing classroom supplies
  • Assist in collecting and distributing health products

We are excited to announce that the Flintviile PTO will be starting up the projects listed below in the near future:

  • Establishing a Jr. Pro Volleyball league (Jan. 2017)
  • Establishing a Jr. Pro Cheerleading league (Nov. 2016)
  • Establishing a Jr. Pro Football League (May 2017)


We would love for all of the parents and children that attend Flintville to be involved with this great school! Please try and make plans to attend the PTO meetings.  We welcome any ideas that you have that will make our school the best that it can be.  If you have any questions, please email us at  Thank you for all of your help and support! 

Ian Bloxham, President