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Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is a most important· factor· in the establishment· of a good· scholastic record· . Work missed through absence· from school· is difficult to make· up . There is no substitute· for actual participation in the daily classroom discussion· and work· . Every student· is expected to be· in school· each period· of every day .


Absences shall be· classified as either excused or unexcused as determined by the principal· or his/her designee . Excused absences shall include:

  1. Personal illness·
  2. Illness of immediate· family member
  3. Death· in the family
  4. Extreme weather conditions
  5. Religious observances
  6. Circumstances which in the judgment· of the principal· create· emergencies over which the student· has no control·
  7. Principals may accept· three· ( 3 ) parent notes per semester and allow· those absences to be· excused based solely on those parent’s notes . After a parent has used those three( 3 ) notes , then all other absences will require· a doctor’s note· , a note· from the court· , or other school· approved activity· note· . All notes must be·turned in to the principal· within two· ( 2 ) days of returning to school· . In case· of a death· in the family or other extenuating circumstances· , administrative judgment·must be· used . Only one day per parent note· will be· allowed . If a student· has been sent to Truancy Court , the school· can no longer accept· parent notes .


Personal transportation· difficulties or travel· for recreation· will not be· considered excused absences . If planning a trip· which will be· of educational value· to the child· , the parent must see· the principal· before the trip· is taken and must get· pre-approval from the principal· . No trips will be· approved during any state· testing dates .


All schools – When a student· accumulates five ( 5 ) unexcused absences (per year , not semester) , the computer· will generate· a letter· to the child’s parents . At this point· , the principal· will refer· the student· to the Truancy Board . All children with 5 unexcused absences will be· referred to this Board .


After Truancy Board , if the student· has additional unexcused time· out of school· he/she will be· referred to Juvenile Court for truancy . Truancy Board is a one time· opportunity for parents and students . Once summoned to Truancy Board , further attendance problems will warrant· Truancy Court .



The school· day begins at 7 : 45 a .  . and ends at 2 : 50 p .  . Students must be· in their classroom before the bell· rings to begin· the school· day at 7 : 45 a .  . Tardy is defined as “late arrivals and early dismissals” .



Truancyis defined as an absence· for an entire· school· day , a major portion· of the school· day or the major portion· of any class· , study· hall or activity· during the school·day for which the student· is scheduled .


Students who are absent five ( 5 ) days with adequate excuse will be· reported to the director of schools who will , in turn· , provide· written notice to the parents/guardian of the student’s absence· .



  1. Students must have· a parent note· allowing them to ride· to a different location·besides home· .
  2. No phone· calls will be· taken after 2 : 30 p .  . to alter· a student’s place· of arrival·or change· of bus .
  3. Parents of car· riders may begin· getting in the car· rider· line· at 2 : 30 p .  . The car·rider· line· will begin· across the road and will be· directed over into the school·parking lot· by a staff· member .
  4. Parents do· not let· students out in the morning along the road or in the parking lot·across from the school· . Only let· children out in front· of the school· in car· rider· line·