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Flintville School

About the School

In the fall of 2002, Flintville Elementary School and Flintville Junior High were merged to serve students in grades Kindergarten through eighth grade.  A pre-kindergarten program was added in the fall of 2005.  The seven million dollar building, currently houses Flintville Elementary's Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Graders for a total of 560 students.


The campus contains along with the modern classrooms, CDC  and Skills classroom, a current library with an abundance of books for all grade levels, a beautifully renovated gymnasium, cafeteria, music/band room, nurses clinic, guidance office, a football field, an outdoor activity court, walking track, and an expanded playground area which includes our All Inclusive Playground. In August of 2016, we added an outdoor classroom and greenhouse. In July of 2017, we added an archery range.


We are excited to announce several things for this school: our gym renovation has been successful and everyone seems to love its design, the new trophy case that showcases all of our athletic success over the past 50 plus year, the renovated office with the reception desk where you can find Mrs. Kandie and Mrs. Sherry's new work area, we have a full time Student Resource Office, Mr. Jim Parkerson, and the new safety foyer which helps us provide a safe environment for all of our people within the building.


We are proud to be a Storm Ready School


We are proud to be a Heart Safe School